New York Fashion Week: Men’s diaries, part one

There’s never a reason not to visit New York. The tourist attractions, shopping, food, architecture; the energy is palpable. And another reason to visit the city is the fashion. Twice a year – spring and fall – it’s a celebration of all things style, and with New York Fashion Week: Men’s (now in its second season), there’s no excuse for an editor not to come to the Big Apple.

But planning the trip wasn’t easy. Coordinating things between two people (another writer friend was tagging along) was a process: there were plane tickets to get, hotels to book, itineraries to plan, etc., but once those details were ironed out, things were less stressful.

After an early train to the airport, a quick flight to JFK, and an Uber to the city (note: there are no more buses that take passengers to downtown Manhattan), we arrived at our hotel. Although we were spent, lucky for us, we were staying at the Dream Hotel Midtown. And it was a dream.

dream hotel midtown

The attentive staff was lovely and more than solicitous. We were given a black card (not everyone gets one of those) to access the VIP area as well as the Dream Downtown location. When we got to our suite, there was a bottle of wine, two glasses and a handwritten note (the personal touches make a difference), welcoming us to the city.

time warner center

Since we missed the presentations of the first day, we thought it’d be a great idea to walk around the neighborhood prior to dinner. On that misty evening, we strolled up to Columbus Circle, into the Time Warner Center, along 59th street, Central Park, the Plaza Hotel (and the Palm Court), a quick peek at Dolce and Gabbana and Gucci, and then wrapping up with some shopping at Uniqlo.

plaza hotel palm court

By the time we got back to the hotel, we were exhausted (which happens when you sleep four hours, haven’t eaten, and have been traveling for most of the day). With the Docker’s opening night party invite on offer, we decided to stay in. Unwise. Apparently, “everyone” was there and I even missed the chance to meet Colton Haynes (Bello has photographed him a few times for the magazine).

But, we both still had other things to do and by the time we fell asleep past 2 a.m., we knew it was going to be a long day ahead. To say I couldn’t wait until the next morning would be an understatement.

– Steven @theediteur