Bello Mag Entertainment: BRAD’S BUZZ


1. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For – Believe it or not, it’s been almost a decade since Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez dropped their hyper violent, S&M opus, ‘Sin City’, on audiences, singlehandedly reviving Mickey Rourke’s career, upping Jessica Alba’s stripper cred, and making us believe that Elijah Wood was one crazy sick MoFo. Who knows if this sequel will have the same twisted appeal?- but Alba’s back in the saddle, Bruce Willis is back from the dead, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks seriously pissed off!… I’m in.

2. Masters Of Sex – Looking for something to chase away the summer rerun doldrums and ‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’ simply not cutting it? Try the ladies of this deeply affecting, always understated Showtime drama, now in its second season. Not only does it routinely feature the best acting on television, but with a cast of fabulous females that includes Emmy Nominees, Lizzy Caplan and Allison Janney, alongside new additions, Betsy Brandt, Sarah Silverman, and Kiki Palmer, you’ll find yourself saying Bravo what?

3. Get On Up – Chadwick Boseman showed the world he was more than capable of stepping into the shoes of a legend when he brought Jackie Robinson to life with grace and grit in last year’s ‘42’. Now he’s playing superhuman soul king, James Brown, in ‘The Help’-director, Tate Taylor’s much-anticipated, all-star biopic, and it looks like the talented actor has nailed it again.

4. Ariana Grande “Break Free” – With Mariah Carey off posing for selfies or toting her kids around like Joan Crawford at a Christmas photo call, and Christina Aquilera all but MIA, it’s about time that a true singing diva reclaimed the pop throne. Sorry, Riri, Katy, Gaga, this girl can really blow, and when her latest criminally catchy jam (featuring Zedd) comes on the radio, you’ll think you can to- until someone pulls up next to you at the light…

5. Jonah from Tonga – If you haven’t yet discovered the joy that is Australian actor/comedian, Chris Lilley’s underrated 2007 comedy masterpiece, ‘Summer Heights High’, than stop reading this immediately and go do so… If you have, then you know that while he wasn’t nearly as flashy as Ja’mie, or delightfully delusional as Mr. G, Jonah Takalua, the errant rebel without a cause of the giddy series set at a high school in Sydney’s outer burbs, managed to snag a few surprisingly touching moments amid the general wackiness. Doubters out there might be wondering how Lilley can ring any humor from the story of this troubled South Pacific teen (especially after the less than stellar ‘Angry Boys’ and mean-spirited ‘Ja’mie: Private School Girl’) but I’m keeping the faith.

Featured in Bello Mag August 2014 issue #61 with Ashley Tisdale on the main cover, available worldwide on iTunes Newsstand.