I know what you are thinking right now. Your private jet travels have become quite boring, and it’s a reality, we all have the same problem!

This concept of a windowless jet by Technicon Design is here to make those long and sometimes lonely trips more exciting.

This concept has been around for a little over a year now, but maybe it’s time for it to hit the runway.

IXION’s windowless jet uses external cameras to capture a full 360-degree panoramic view of the exterior of the plane, which is then adjusted for perspective and displayed on the cabin’s interior display panels that cover most of the cabin. This gives the passenger the illusion of transparency.



Ok so that means your jet won’t actually have any windows, and that sounds very uncomfortable to me. I do like the big windows of the G6 and that maybe enough for me. I have my doubts about the quality of the image. I do not want to travel and feel like I am in Star Tour at Disneyland and what if the system is not working and you end up flying in a closed can for 6 hours? #SorryForTheInconvenience.

But the positive thing is that if everything works as things should when you are flying … the displays could be used for in-flight video conferencing or for other pre-programmed images, such as these space or serene mountain scenes, or even to mimic a more traditional aircraft interior.


OK the space thing may be a bit too much, I would rather fly above lavender fields from the rolling hills of the south of France and beautiful beaches than thinking my pilot felt asleep during take off and is flying to the moon.

Another plus, the plane is beautiful from the outside.