Moving To Paris Soon? Here is Your New Address ‘Le 81 avenue Victor Hugo’


Are you moving to Paris at the end of the month? Well even if like me you don’t, let’s just dream all together for a minute about our ‘new’ address in the city.

Le 81 avenue Victor Hugo, Paris XVI

First of all it sounds like a chic place to live no matter what. This entirely newly renovated Haussmannian building is located – right here – 30 apartments (from studio to the 5 rooms – note that in France we consider the living room a ‘room’ so that means 4 bedrooms for the largest) within a relative walking distance to the Arc the Triomphe, the Tour Eiffel and Avenue George V for $hopping. Being from France, those are not my favorite places to go when I am in Paris, I rather walk around le Marais or the Tuileries Garden and St Germain but let’s not be too picky here. I will take a view on the Eiffel Tower over my dream location.

The best thing about living in Paris is that you can walk everywhere, even to your top floor apartment. Oui, Oui. I mean look at those gorgeous stairs, it would be a sacrilège to use the elevator. Also that is one chic and sexy way to burn some extra calories. Why do you think French are so thin? We do walk a lot, mostly because we don’t always have the option not to.


Now the WOW factor or should I say the OHLALA factor:


Just imagine opening your door after a long day going from cafés to boulangerie-pâtisseries and various little shops around the city to Parisian rooftops and and the Eiffel Tower! How magnifique is that?




This walk-in closet is pretty amazing not to say incroyable for a Parisian apartment, it is such a rare thing to have!!! Our former Parisian bedroom was almost smaller than our current Los Angeles closet. I am not kidding you. The sad thing is that I now find our closet way too small #NotParisianProblemsAnymore.

The bathroom is nice but I’m gonna be honest, not my favorite thing. I hate those heated towel racks, they may be useful but totally bring back memories of cold Parisian winter mornings that I have been trying to forget. Also I do not like, I repeat, I do not like when bathrooms walls are half covered with tiles. This was the first thing I did in our Parisian condo. Cover those walls all the way up to the ceiling. I still do not get why someone would decide to cover half a wall. Anyway …


The kitchen is super white and modern, like a really super futuristic white Ikea modern kitchen … not the French kitchen of my dreams where I would want to spend hours cooking, but it is large and seems functional. Also the OCD in me cannot look over the fact that not a single person would have had the genius idea to mop the floors before taking the pictures, god I love my country I think things would never change but I love it.


So are you moving with me?

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