Bobby Holland Hanton / THE HOLLYWOOD DIARIES: From the Pages of…A Stunt Double / Bello Mag July 2014


Bobby Holland Hanton has appeared in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters…and you still may not know who he is. That’s because he’s the one taking a bullet (or more) for the big screen’s biggest stars. He’s stood in for Chris Hemsworth in Thor: The Dark World, Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises, and Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace. And soon, you can catch him dodging alien lasers and scaling spaceships as Channing Tatum’s double in Jupiter Ascending, the latest sci-fi actioner from the Wachowski siblings (*at press time, the film has been moved to February 2015). by Hiko Mitsuzuka

We asked the handsome, blue-eyed British former gymnast to share with us a few tricks of his trade. Lucky for us, we can try them at home…

Bobby’s Top 5 Stuntman Secrets

1. When stunt performers say it doesn’t hurt, they are most likely lying!

2. Most stunt performers wear lifts to get a job/role if the actor is taller. This can be quite difficult because it’s like doing stunts in high heels!

3. Most of us train 6-7 days a week some way or another to stay super fit and on top of our game.

4. A grooming routine is imperative between all of the wigs, makeup and prosthetics that go into most costumes. I am lucky to be working with Dove Men+Care because they offer a range of products for my skin, face, and hair. It keeps me moisturized and smelling good all day on set.

5. Stunt performers try to stay as young-looking as possible so that we can make our stunt career last as long as we can. I maintain a balance between a strict diet, exercise, and grooming routine to stay healthy.


Birthplace: Portsmouth, UK

Favorite film: There Will Be Blood

Worst injury: Suffered a broken back.

Guilty pleasure: Rocky movies.

If I weren’t a stuntman, I’d be… a crazy energy junkie, trying to seek any sort of physical buzz/adrenaline.

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