Jewelry and Accessorizing Trends for Summer


Remember that piece we wrote about Wayne Josephson’s amazing quilted jewelry? That is just one of the great trends hitting the streets this spring and summer. Here are a few of the other styles and designers that you should be looking for as you put together your warm weather wardrobe.

Colored Diamonds

We’re all used to seeing thinking of diamonds as clear or “white” and sparkly but diamonds actually come in a lot of different colors. This can make them easy to confuse with other gemstones but trust us when we tell you that a colored diamond is definitely something that you want in your accessory collection this summer. Yes, the white diamond is classic, but a pink diamond necklace or even a black diamond ring or set of earrings from a jeweler like can add a sweet or daring allure to your overall ensemble.

Magnetic Piercings

Do you love the look of earrings and piercings in parts of the ear that are harder to pierce but hate the idea of piercing them permanently? Enter Riccard Tisci’s magnetic piercings. These made their debut in French Vogue last fall and are being repped by Givenchy (makes sense since Tisci is their creative director). This line featured Swarovski colored crystals which means that if you want the original line you’re going to need to spend some major bucks. If you’re resourceful, though, you can find lots of cheaper alternatives online and at your local craft fairs. Many have said that this is an ode to the tribal look that is big this season but even if that isn’t your thing, you can rock these mock-piercings with a variety of different looks both casual and dressy.

Statement Necklaces

This was a big deal in Elle last year but they’re making a comeback again this season. Statement necklaces are meant to be noticed. Instead of adding a touch of [insert your favorite adjective here] to your outfit as an accessory, these necklaces are just as important as your dress or shirt. The Elle Spread featured a lot of different expensive pieces from high fashion designers. If you can afford the high end designs that’s great but don’t panic if you can’t. Because this is a returning trend, you can likely find costume versions of these pieces in your favorite department store or online. Or, if you’re good at crafting, you can even make your own. Talk about making a statement!

Get Linked In!

This is the tagline for a bunch of pieces featured in Harper Bazaar’s Spring 2014 Jewelry spread. Why? Because links, whether they be gold, silver or other types of metal are all the rage his year. Small chain link or larger metal rings linked together, it’s all “in” this year. The great thing about link jewelry is that it can be as demure or as outrageous as you want it or need it to be. This means that you can wear it to any occasion and not worry that your jewelry will detract from your outfit or that it will set you apart from the crowd in a bad way. Another thing that’s great about links being “in” is that it is available in almost every jewelry store and at every price point.
These are just some of the trends that have been making waves on the runways for the upcoming season. There are, of course, others but these are the looks that you can get at any price point which is great for our readers who are on a budget. What are some of the jewelry trends you’re most looking forward to wearing this spring summer and, heck, even in the fall?