Elodie K. Brings Her French Touch To Trendy Melrose Place + Tallulah Willis & Mallory Llewellyn ‘The Clothing Coven’ Launch

Elodie K. Store

The new French concept store has arrived …

Over the weekend we stopped by Elodie K. for the launch of her new store located on Melrose Place, combined with the launch of Tallulah Willis and Mallory Llewellyn new blog www.theClothingCoven.com.

Elodie Khayat, a Parisian native, moved to Los Angeles to pursue her passion for jewelry design. The opening of her boutique concept store is just a natural progression for this young entrepreneur who brings us the effortless French style with a zest California dream.

Elodie K.
8428 Melrose place
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Elodie Khayat_Emma Roberts

Here are some photos of this ‘friends and family’ event including: Bruce Willis, Emma Roberts, Zoey Deutch among others and our very own editor in Chief Aleksandar Tomovic.

Photography Chad J. Wilson

Chelsea Leyland_Tallulah Willis_Kilo Kish Courtney Bingham-Sixx Elodie Khayat_Bella Hadid Elodie Khayat Emma Heming Willis_Bruce Willis Emma Heming Willis_Tallulah Willis_Bruce Willis Emma Roberts Jasmine Yarbrough_Montana Cox Kilo Kish Mallory Llewellyn_Tallulah Willis Scout Willis_Emma Roberts Shea Marie Tallulah Willis Zoey Deutch