Is this the end of the cigaret smell ?

There is one thing that most of the people agree on, and that is how horrible is the cigarette smell, when you enter the room that cold odor, not to mention the breath of some people … or the taste in the mouth when you kiss someone that smokes.

Well now that vapourlites have solved that problem, we can go on “saving the world” right ? One would hope so, as especially that kiss should be a great motivation. Do not get me wrong, I do not mind people smoking cigarets, as long as it does not influences me. But that kiss is where i draw the line!

Know how we all remember that first kiss, and it is one of the most amazing moments on our lives. Well I hope for you that it did not have a bitter taste of cigarette smoke.

I just came back from Paris (where even heavy smokers like Parisians are chaining their habits), and I even saw a few of the restaurants allowing vapourlites inside, and that hot me thinking. What does it take to change peoples habits? I have heard all of the excuses, so to debunk a few unfunded concerns I found those answers to the most common questions I have heard.


Q. Why do Vapourlites have a blue tip at the end?
A. The blue tip is used to avoid confusion e-cigarette is used in a public place.

Q. Waht is the recharge time for a Vapourlite?
A. Vapourlite comes fully charged, and it only takes 2-3 hours to recharge.

And just search online and you will get all the answers you need to make a first step in the right direction.

Well I definitely hope this is going to be the end of that cigaret smell.