A Fresh Look at Creative Recreation Summer 2014 Campaign + Videos


“Through the Spring 2014 Collection,” says Cash Arno, Senior Designer & Creative Man- ager, “Creative Recreation is taking its Southern California heritage and telling the story with interesting, fashion-forward materials and colors.”

The brand releases a steamy new ad cam- paign, shot in Miami by fashion photographer,
Lionel Deluy. Similar to a P. Diddy all white party, models can be seen wearing white attire and Creative Recreation shoes.

“Our vision,” says Patrick Buchanan, Marketing Manager, Creative Recreation,” is to have the shoes be the bold centerpiece behind an all white backdrop.”
The fashion-footwear company gives a look behind the scenes, with a documentary style video of the campaign shoot, featuring Microsoft products. See the full campaign and videos on the Creative Recreation website.

The highly anticipated Spring 2014 collection is now available, both in stores and online. Shop the collection www.cr8rec.com.


Behind The Scenes: Spring/Summer 2014 Campaign

I think I own more pairs of Creative Recreation than any other shoes. I always loved their designs but also I need to feel comfortable in my shoes. I am loving this new collection!!!

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