Will Paris Transform Abandoned Metro Station Into Theaters, Clubs, Pools & More Hot Spots? Amélie Would Approve!


The Parisian metro is known for many things but being a place where you want to go and relax after work or on your day off, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet aka NKM (Paris mayoral candidate) wants to change that by renovating abandoned stations into places where Parisians – and tourists – can go eat, dance, watch a play or even exercise.

“Why can’t Paris take advantage of its underground potential and invent new functions for these abandoned places? Far from their original purpose, more than a century after the opening of Paris’ underground network, these places could show they’re still able to offer new urban experiments”

There are 16 disused Metro stations in Paris, most of which closed between 1930-1970. A small number were also built but never opened. Previously the stations have been used as temporary sets for advertising campaigns and films. Porte-des-Lilas, a disused station closed in 1935, was used as a backdrop in 2001 film Amélie:

amelie 11

Amélie would approve in an instant this project. From fancy restaurants to swimming pools, night clubs, Art galleries or theaters … this would make Paris an even more exciting place to visit and live. It’s a better project than French Communist Ian Brossat’s idea suggesting that if he was paris mayor he would torn down the Sacré-Coeur Basilica in Montmartre …
Amélie would NOT approve!




The plans have been criticised for their huge cost – but I mean the Eiffel Tower was not the cheapest thing to built – and the safety issues involved in converting stations that still have live electricity running through them – Really? isn’t electricity already running through the metro?Jean-Michel Leblanc, of France’s state-owned public transportation operator RATP told Le Parisien that it would be extremely difficult to make these stations safe for public use – Ok so aren’t the stations already kinda public and sometimes overcrowded place? … See that is (and always was my problem with Paris) people – aka syndicalists for the most part – don’t want to see the big picture of things. Yes it will cost a lot of money, but at the end it will create jobs, generate revenues and make people happy … even Jean-Michel Leblanc will be happy to go and enjoy some family time in one of the many transformed station … Amélie would approve.

If Kosciusko-Morizet wins the election on March 30 this year, she plans on crowdsourcing other ideas for repurposing Paris’s abandoned stations. So get your imagination going people of Paris you may soon have the coolest metro stations on the planet.