Orchidée Impériale The Cure by Guerlain


Orchidée Impériale The Cure by Guerlain

Visibly younger looking skin, often advertised in the cosmetic industry but very rarely delivered. I am certain that one day, someone will produce the fountain of youth in a jar. Is today the day?

A Four weeks treatment to regain shine and smoothness. I am in. I mean just the name by itself and I already feel cured. Guerlain’s lab studied – over 12 years – the longevity of orchids (hopefully not the one I manage to kill at home in less than a week) By observing the anti-aging properties of this mystical flower Orchideé Imperiale The Cure was born.

This treatment accelerates the natural renewal cycle of the skin. In 28 days skin cells are renewed and revitalized resulting in visibly younger-looking skin.



The third-generation Orchidée Impériale Cream concentrates new Gold Orchid technology. Based on a major discovery in terms of cellular bioenergetics, this technology boosts and reinforces the bioenergetic network, the key to skin regeneration, to activate cell fertility.
The fine, melt-away Cream envelops the face in a silky and comfortable film. The skin recovers density and firmness; the facial contours are even. Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed and the skin texture refined.
As if perfectly renewed and refreshed, the skin is revived and glows with vitality and radiance.


The Eye and Lip Cream targets the common origin of ageing of the fine and fragile eye and lip contour areas: loss of cutaneous substance.
Dense and melt-away, it acts on all of the signs of skin ageing to resculpt the eye and lip contours. Plumpness and vitality appear restored. The eye contour is redefined, smoother and brighter. Wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles fade away. The eyes look open. Smoothed and nourished, the lips regain their shape and their contours appear more defined.


This new-generation serum combines a record concentration and diffusion of Imperial Orchid Molecular Extract to correct all the signs of skin ageing rapidly and intensely. Its innovative retexturising formula tightens the mesh of the skin to restore its dense and even firmness and give a spectacularly refined skin texture. Rich and sheer, melting deliciously upon application, it leaves a supple, velvety finish on the skin. The Longevity Concentrate makes the perfect complement to the Cream, used daily or as an occasional intensive treatment, to reinforce its effects.

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