Bridget Regan – White Collar – By Yoni Goldberg For Bello Mag January 2014 Issue


Are you ready for the season finaly of White Collar next week? [Jan 30, on usa].

It’s been an exciting season and we are so happy to feature Bridget Regan in our current January 2014 issue. Not only it must have been amazing to be part of such a great show but when your lover in the show is Matt Bomer … I mean, it’s a win win situation!



With a smile and luscious red hair that could stop traffic, Bridget Regan is one of television’s best-kept secrets. After being cemented in the Geek Babe Hall of Fame playing the ass-kicking heroine of the short-lived cult series Legend of the Seeker, Regan has worked steadily doing television guest star appearances (Sons of Anarchy, Perception, and NCIS: Los Angeles). Most recently she wrapped a memorable stint on the CW’s Beauty and the Beast. Currently she can be seen stealing scenes from television’s most notorious con artist on USA’s White Collar as quick-witted museum scholar Rebecca Lowe.



With both White Collar and Beauty and the Beast, 2013 was a big year with you taking on two very different roles. What was it like to switch between Alex on Beauty and the Beast and Rebecca on White Collar? What’s your approach?

Other than getting to work with really dreamy guys, Beauty and the Beast and White Collar are very different shows. With the exception of Alex and Rebecca being educated, intelligent, and conviently single, I’d say they are in opposite emotional points in their lives. Alex had a sadness to her, as she was still heartbroken over the loss of Vincent, played by the wonderful Jay Ryan. When he reappeared in her life, she was completely shaken up. As events unfolded, and Vince’s current state was revealed to her, she went a little bit cray. I think I pointed a gun at every character in every scene by the end of my run on that show. And Rebecca on White Collar is a total nerd. She is immersed in her work, and [is] really taken by Neal, played by the totally ugly Matt Bomer. Tough job.

Finish this: If blondes are supposed to have more fun, then redheads…?

…are in a secret society where we are planning to take over the world.

Your chemistry with Matt Bomer is pretty killer. Is he as easy to work with as he is easy on the eyes? We’re sure you could share a little embarrassing fact about your co-star…

He is! It is impossible to fault the man. He is focused, hilarious, supportive, talented, patient, and smart. I could go on, but my favorite might be how much he sings on set. Prince, musicals, sitcom theme songs for the 80s…anything. And the rest of the cast is always right there with him, including me.

This is the first big project you’ve done since having your baby in 2010. What are some working mom tips you’ve learned thus far?

I learned a lot when I worked with Annie Potts [on the TV movie Murder in Manhattan]. She understood so well what I was feeling when we were working late, and knew that I would make it home in time for my daughter’s bedtime. The best thing that I could pass along would be to focus on what you’re doing in the moment. You’re always going to feel pulled in two directions, but if you can try to give all of yourself to who you’re with, you will be giving more of your best self to those you love, and to your work.

What are some of your guilty pleasures right now?

They are just pleasures. No guilt! New Girl, SNL, Shark Tank, The Mindy Project, Key and Peele, musicals, buying lighting fixtures, Amazon Prime, Pinterest, and whatever book my ladies book club is reading at the moment.

Speaking of guilty pleasures, one of ours is Legend of the Seeker, which had quite a cult following during its all too brief run. You’re now a part of the legacy of butt-kicking TV heroines (a la Xena and Buffy). Looking back, what has that experience meant to you?

It meant the world to me! I met my husband while working on Seeker! We have a baby! It’s just crazy. Sam Raimi, Rob Tapert, Mark Beesley, Wendy O’Brien, Terry Goodkind and everyone at ABC Disney are the reason I found my amazing husband. In addition, I learned so much about myself while shooting that show. I also have these incredible fans from Seeker that I adore beyond belief. They are so loyal and supportive. I owe them a lot.

Any plans for Rebecca to stay on White Collar as a regular through the rest of the 2014 run?

There is so much that I want to say about the rest of season 5 of White Collar, but can’t! It’s torture! I am thrilled for everyone to see where things go with Neal and Rebecca.



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