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Featured in Bello Mag #51 October 2013 Obsession Issue.


Katie Lowes has been making headlines with her portrayal of Quinn Perkins on ABCs delicious hit drama ‘Scandal’. Quickly becoming a fan favorite, the 32-year old New Yorker welcomed LA with open arms, but it took a while for this bright star to land the role that would allow her to shine.

“I’d never heard anything like it,” she says of Shonda Rhime’s decision to cast her in the role of Quinn Perkins AKA Lindsay Dwywer, newbie turned pro and in some ways the baby at Olivia Pope & Associates. A baby that has grown far too quickly I might add. “Extraordinary” is her word of choice when describing a sort of cinderalla-esque audition process. After more than six years battling and navigating the world of an out of work actor in Los Angeles, Shonda Rhimes and her team would bring solace to this Gladiator in waiting. “For years, I had been waitressing and babysitting and catering and personal assisting, and having any side gig I could possibly find,” she says. “At the same time, slowly but surely coming up the latter. Getting one line then two lines then three lines then a guest star, then a recurring.”

It was casting director Linda Lowy, who happens to be married to Jeff Perry, Scandal’s own Cyrus Bean that would facilitate the meeting of a lifetime for Katie.

“I went in to audition for Quinn and I felt really connected to her. For a million reasons but one of them being that my middle name was Quinn”.

“It was one of those auditions where everything just came really easily.” She says pensively. “I was able to remember the lines really easily and my acting just felt really natural and in place.” After her first and only audition for the role of Quinn Perkins she was told she’d go on to screen-test for both the studio and network, but not even that would prepare her for the way the final news would come to her. Going back into the casting office for what she’d thought would be an evening of paperwork and contracts, she’d soon realize things would go much differently.

I went in to sign the paper work, and Linda Lowy was there and Shonda Rhimes was there and the whole team. Shonda sat me down and said; I wanted to bring you in in person to let you know that you’re not going to be testing for the studio or network because I’m just going to give you the role. She said, I already brought your tape to ABC studios and network and they’ve already approved and I’m just going to give it to you.” As you can imagine Lowes started crying in a moment where she can only describe as “life changing.” “I was just running around the room hugging everyone, it was my American Idol moment,” she says, “My, I made it to Hollywood week!”

The NYU Tish graduate had her fair share of differences set in place already when she initially set out to Hollywood, saying her transition was a huge one. Not being able to drive well and totaling new cars would quickly become the norm.

“Not only am I a New York actress, but I’m also just a New Yorker,” she tells me. “That’s where I was born and raised. That’s where my family’s from, and so LA was just a massive change.” Before everyone’s favorite protégé came around though, Katie Lowes was making moves of her own. For starters? She co-founded a Los Angeles theater company; The IAMA Theater Company.

“I was born on the stage and that’s where I feel most comfortable. But when you get a TV show, you finally get to log in hours in front of the camera. Get comfortable and trust yourself in front of it. And so I think that that’s been an amazing experience and one of the huge things of me being on ‘Scandal’ because is I’ve gotten to be in front of the camera, and be around other actors who are real professional in front of the camera and basically just try and steal everything they do,” she says while letting out a slight chuckle.

But as if bumping shoulders with Tony Goldwyn who plays the very charming and sexy President Grant wasn’t enough, Lowes has her own list of perks of being a Gladiator.

I love Quinn, I love how diverse and layered and contradictory she is. I think in that way it makes her such a human being. She’s changed so much as a person which people do.

The best part about playing Quinn Perkins? The ‘Scandal’ star is quick to reveal—“I really cannot say enough about all the actors, the writers, Shonda Rhimes, the crew. It is a real family and I get to come to work with all these cool, rad people.

Last season fans of the show got to see Quinn on the other side of the table; as a client in crisis. But who’s to say Quinn is exempt from any other scandal-ridden sticky situation? “ I feel like if she was just regular person and didn’t work at Olivia Pope & associates, she would have some sort of addiction problem,” Lowes laughs out loud at after completing her sentence. “ I think that there was something there last season when she got to control a situation and get that high. That’s a real disease that people have. When people are addicted to the high of certain situations it’s hard to get rid of.” What’s really next for Quinn Perkins though? She leaves us with the following statement; “This season, I’ve done stuff that I’ve never done as an actress, or as a person in my real life.”

Photography Amanda ­Elkins
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Words by Dio Anthony
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