The Fascination of an Oriental Dream – Alberto Guardiani

Elegant, Refined and Seductive: The Alberto Guardiani Woman for Spring/Summer 2014.

A dreamer’s collection features elegance in the details, inspired by the exotic feminine fascination of Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo. The mix is dominated by the classic and refined atmosphere of In the Mood for Love, and by the more contemporary Lost in Translation with bold images of surfing paradises in South East Asia.

The shapes have a refined elegance, in both the selection of materials and of colours, which is understated yet energetic, but never brash. Class and sophistication are exalted by influences from the East, from tradition to modernity, in a wardrobe where the Orient is the key player.

Refined materials appear such as laser-scratched laminated calfskin, with its “vintage” iridescent look, snakeskin and psychedelic pony, eel stamped in a bamboo pattern and high- tech see-through mesh. These combine with graceful details and swirling decorations, which recall the waves in engravings by the artist Hokusai. The contrasting piping recalls Chinese qípáo, in iridescent colours that are reminiscent of embroidery and prints on Japanese kimonos and of high-tech details on surfer wear.