Dania Ramirez For Bello Mag Fashion Cover Issue #48

Lifetime‘s Devious Maids, from Marc Cherry and ABC Studios, reached series highs across all key demographics in its sixth episode Sunday night. The muy caliente Dania Ramirez is featured on the Fashion cover of our #48 July 2013 Beautiful Issue.



Beloved by comic fanboys and TV geeks alike, Dania Ramirez knows a thing or two about watercooler television. Perhaps it’s because she has brought her spicy style and natural charm to such iconic shows as ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer,’ ‘The Sopranos,’ ‘Heroes,’ and ‘Entourage.’ Now the talented Dominican stunner steams up the screen as part of a groundbreaking, all­star Latina cast in Marc Cherry’s (‘Desperate Housewives’) hotly anticipated Lifetime dramedy, ‘Devious Maids’…

Can you tell us a bit about your character?

“My character is Rosie Falta. I love her. She’s awesome! She’s hilarious and also very religious, a bit judgmental in her own way, but it comes from a good place, even though her friends don’t always take it that way.

“She’s a Mexican immigrant that moved to the States after the death of her husband, to find work. She’s left her son behind with her mother so that she can earn enough money to eventually bring him to America and give him a better future.”

Rosie’s very different from other characters that you’ve played. How challenging is the role?

“Very… but I love playing the character, and I relate to her so much. It’s a very special story for me because my parents came to this country when I was only six months old and it took them about ten years to get a Visa and become legal. Until then, my older sister and I stayed with my grandmother and various aunts in the Dominican Republic.

“[Though] I lived through this, I had only experienced it through the child’s perspective until now. With this role, I get to put myself in my mother’s shoes and actually understand the courage that it takes to leave your child and everything you know behind to try to come to America and build a better life. My mother wasn’t a maid, but she worked in factories and sewed and did whatever she could to earn money. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the sacrifices that her and my father made, and it’s so interesting and also personally challenging to explore what that generational experience was like.”

Would you say that this is a major theme of the show, sacrifice?

“Yes, the grand theme of the show is the story of struggle and hard work to achieve the American dream, whatever that is for anybody. But it’s also about the relationship between upstairs and downstairs ­ downstairs being the maids, and upstairs being the bosses ­ told from the maids’ perspective. Everyone has their own household that they go back to, but really it’s about the relationship between these five women. They are working really hard to achieve their dreams in America and they are here for each other to provide unconditional love and support.”

Were you nervous about the weight of this role and what it might mean, particularly to Latino audiences?

“I was nervous but I was determined to humanize her. I wanted to make her real. My mom never felt pity for herself or wanted pity from anyone. She worked hard and had her group of friends that became her family, sort of like what Rosie feels for her girlfriends on the show.

“It was very important for me that I tapped into a little of my own experiences as well as those of the Latino community here in America because I do have this responsibility of really telling this story in the best and most truthful way possible. Plus, there’s the fact that I was born in the Dominican Republic, and I play a Mexican woman, so I felt that I had added pressure. I made sure to do a lot of research and dialect work, because I wanted Mexican people to feel completely respected.”

Marc Cherry’s never been accused of being a shrinking violet. What’s he like to work for?

“He’s incredible. For me as an actress, I love guidance and a strong point of view, and that’s what Mark has. He’s brilliant at what he does, and when I decided to be a part of this show, I knew full well what the tone would be. The combination of melodrama and dark comedy is a Marc Cherry staple, and nobody makes you laugh, cry, feel, and hate someone all in the same show quite like he does.”

Photography Aleksandar Tomovic
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