PLL’s Keegan Allen: ‘I’m really not good at lying’ (EXCLUSIVE)


Keegan Allen’s Toby Cavanaugh character on Abc Family’s Pretty Little Liars has been causing some trouble, and has maybe even inadvertently caused our poor Emily a serious injury on Last week’s episode of the drama. Yet he assured us, that there’s big things coming to Toby’s world, revelations and his own share of dark little secrets. Making him an official “Liar”.

Things also haven’t been the cleanest with Spencer (Troian Bellasario) and Toby lately, he also dished on what we can expect with those two, and if they’re immune from A’s ploy to break them up again.

“You can expect a very strong relationship between the two, as toby kind of explores his past, she’s (spencer) there for him. Before they weren’t at that point in their relationship. But now Toby opens up to her as he opens up a satchel of secrets.”

Like any other fan, Keegan too has his own share of ideas on what’s really going on in Rosewood. Upon asking him if he shared the theory of Allison being alive and well he said:

“It’s tough to say at this point in the game. I don’t really know. My theory’s constantly changing. To say that I have not thought that that was a possibility would be a lie. And I’m really not good at lying.”

Wether the queen bee is buried and dead or alive and well, Keegan know what he’d do if he was really living in Rosewood and had it bad like our liars do.773x

“Honestly I’d probably just move away,” he says.  “Everyone’s always like; ‘I don’t know why the girls don’t just call the police.’ The police in Rosewood, I feel like are very corrupt–and there’s a manipulation tactic that goes on there as well. So, I’d probably move away, and I would not move to Ravenswood [laughs]. Probably even out of Pennsylvania.”

Nice as it’d be, Toby isn’t moving anytime soon, he’s got a lot to deal with this season. “I’m getting to explore exactly what I’ve wanted to get into for a couple years now, which is Toby’s past.  I’ve always been saying, you know, tell me more about his family, tell me more about his background, lets explore that,” He tells Bello.

“Marlene King has done an amazing job writing the storyline for him, along with Oliver Goldstick. There’s a whole bunch of questions that haven’t been answered not only just with Allison but with his mother as well.”

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