TV HANGOVER: True Blood’s Kristin Bauer Van Straten “Expect extreme fun and unpredictability” (EXCLUSIVE)


Season six of True Blood is up and running, and to no surprise, there’s already too much sh*t stirred up to even wrap one’s head around. We chatted with Kristin Bauer Van Straten, the most stylish and quick-witted fanger known around Bon-temps ways, and she gave us some insight on playing Pam, what it’s like pretending to be a vampire and getting paid for it, but most of all, where the heart of the show really lies.

How’s your experience been working on True Blood, Which is now  knee deep in its sixth season?

From an acting perspective, it’s been lovely because my character has evolved so much over the years. The writers are masterful  and also my cast is so good, so much fun, and we get to laugh a lot. So all-in-all it’s the perfect scenario.

Your favorite thing about playing sass-monster Pam?

One of the things that I love about Pam is that you never have to edit what she feels. She doesn’t worry about being liked. Ever.  She does it and says it like it is. I also feel like she has so much integrity and honor. I don’t see her as bitchy or evil anymore. I feel like she’s got a very strong code of honor and she doesn’t break it for any reason; and she’s incredibly loyal to Eric. (Alexander Skarsgard).

What is something you’d like to explore with Pam that you have yet to do?

We haven’t really seen Pam be vicious. We haven’t seen Pam be this warrior animal that is a vampire. I’d like to explore that, we’ve seen her fashion side, but I don’t think we’ve seen her feral side.

What do you think it is about True Blood that sets it apart from all the other vampire shows out there?

It’s because of Alan Ball. I fell in love with his writing through American Beauty and Six Feet Under. He’s an incredibly sensitive man who has something to say. And he uses this arena of supernatural characters to talk about huge issues that are in the news and in politics everyday on earth–Things that we live with. I feel that it’s very entertaining at first glance. But just beneath the surface are very poignant true remarks about our life in our society. It’s not really a show about vampires or werewolves and shape shifters. That’s just the arena that we’re in, but it’s actually a show about humanity and how we on earth try to live with each-other and how we treat each-other.

The accent, I have to ask. How’d you nail it?

We had a guy who coached the first episode, but then we haven’t had him again. My theory with the accent, at least with Pam was that she moved around a lot. She also spoke Swedish, so I though wait a minute, she apparently must’ve picked up this accent after living here for a while. I felt that it should be fairly subtle, it shouldn’t overpower you. That was my theory, I’m glad it worked. You actually don’t ever know until you film something and six months later hear feedback.

Overall what’s been the moment that has shocked you, even as a person behind the scenes?

I think the one that we all laughed up and giggled the most uncomfortably at the table read was when Bill turned Lorena’s head around and just kept having sex with her. That was somethin’.

There have been a few wardrobe fittings where we wonder with Pam if we crossed the line, and then we thought, there is no line when it comes to Pam’s wardrobe, we can do almost anything we want. So, for pam I haven’t had anything particularly where I thought “oh that’s too far.” I keep ogling over the screen because as an actor you just don’t get to play a character where you have such a strong core of great writing, with all these crazy supernatural things like getting to fly, or eating another human being, while at the same time the character’s grounded in reality. So, I love every second of it. But there’s usually in every episode a day where we’re shooting something, and I just had this last week– and I went “You guys, we’re at work, this is what we do for work.” It’s hilarious and awesome, and then we go back to filming.