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Bello’s very own Darion Lowenstein and announce the launch of Game Guy TV, a panel-format show in the vein of Chelsea Lately, focused on the fastest growing form of entertainment – games!

The first episode is now live at!

Also, check out the 100 second sizzle reel at!

Game Guy TV is the brain child of 17 year game industry veteran Darion Lowenstein, who’s produced and directed games at places like Electronic Arts, Rockstar Games, and Activision. In the Gamer Gauntlet segment, he and his panel of industry experts discuss the hottest topics in the world of gaming, like the Playstation 4, news from Naughty Dog, and ordering pizza via your Xbox. Next, each panelist selects their pick for app/game of the week in 1up. Darion and the panel then answer viewer submitted questions like how to become a games designer in Ask A Nerd.

Finally, Darion interviews game industry luminary David Bergantino one on one in /whois, who talks about being killed in Star Wars and going to jail with George Jung, who Johnny Depp’s character in Blow is based on. Extra content releasing soon includes the /whois Bonus Round, where gaming creators are asked five trademark questions like “If you were a videogame character, who would you be?”.


Unlike other gaming and media shows, GameGuy TV’s panel consists of industry experts who’ve programmed, written, designed, voiced, and created the hottest games on the market today, focusing on subjects anyone from casual to hardcore gamers know and love. New hardware, hot games, cool apps, all with a gamer’s sense of humor and fun. That’s GameGuy TV!

“I’ve spent my entire life playing and making games. I have always felt like gaming culture is far underrepresented in the media. Creating Game Guy TV with the incredible team at has been a dream come true, as it’s the show I’ve always wanted as a lifelong gamer.” said Darion Lowenstein. He continued “It’s made by industry insiders who’ve written, designed, and created the hottest games – so it’s a unique perspective on the world of gaming.” He added “The greatest compliment I’ve received on the show so far are people who aren’t gamers telling me how entertaining the show is! That’s when you know you’ve hit something special.”