Secret Garden, Secret Garden – Versailles 2 by Raf Simons


Secret Garden, Secret Garden – Versailles 2 by Raf Simons is an imaginary story, mimicking classical art. It is like a dream mixing surrealist vibe, impressionism and rococo. BELLO obsessed!

The video’s description reads, “The chateau and its park abound with well-kept secrets. The heard of the royal land conceals an extraordinary world of poetry and colour: in the depth of its mysterious woods a secret garden blooms out of sight, inhabited by flower-women. From the Preit Trianon to the enchanted forest, Versailles becomes the picturesque backdrop of a dreamlike tale.”

Aren’t you looking forward to the print campaign, which is said to debut in Vogue China this weekend and then hit French Vogue, Italian Elle and Korean Vogue later this June?


Obviously Inspired by Édouard Manet’s famed ‘Luncheon on the Grass,’ painted between 1862-1863.