Jaclyn Betham of ‘The Haves & Have Nots’ Teases What’s To Come


Tyler Perry’s new drama The Haves & Have Nots has no shortage of scandalicious characters. Jaclyn Betham in the form of Seemingly Goody-too-shoes Amanda Cryer is no exception. But with Tika Sumpter’s Candace Young character, Amanda also has her fair share of  suprises coming her way.

“Talk to me about your character on the show, and where your character stands within the world of The Haves & Have Nots. 

Amanda Cryer is a beautiful girl fighting her insecurity. She is a law student who  will do anything to make her parents proud. Her perfectionist nature limits her success and creates a self awareness that gets her into complex situations. As the season continues she finds herself and comes put of her shell revealing a strong confident woman.

How has your experience been working on the OWN Network? I mean it’s Oprah Winfrey we’re talking about here.. 

I feel like I am living in a dream. Everyone has been so great an it’s been so creatively fulfilling. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive and motivating team.

Talk to me about working with Tyler Perry, such an established and focused person when it comes to portraying African American characters on screen. Is he hands on? How involved is he on set?

Mr. Perry is Amazing!! He is very hands on! He is very open, and collaborative with our work. If we have questions or ideas he is all ears. He made the experience so amazing.

What can audiences expect to see on the show? The trailer seems jam-packed with action and drama..

Viewers need to get ready for a whole lot of drama! The show is always building and never has a file moment!

How was the audition process for Thee Tyler Perry, anything special or different that differed from just another audition?

It all happened very quickly. I was flown to Atlanta for my call back. Mr. Perry was shooting A Madea Christmas and had to do our Call backs in between his scenes. So when I walked into the room I had to do my call back to Mr. Perry dressed up as Madea! It was pretty amazing!

How would you describe the show? Tyler Perry is known to push boundaries and really leave audiences thinking and reevaluating after sitting down and watching any of his more dramatic work. 

I would say that limits and boundaries are pushed with every episode! But, there is always a message given in each episode which makes it full circle for Mr. Perry and OWN. Be ready for suspense and heart felt emotion.