Devon Werkheiser Previews New EP & Hotel Cafe’ Performance


22-year-old Devon Werkheiser has already made a name for himself on the small-screen, and with the release of his EP titled I AM, he’ll be sharing with fans his deep love and appreciation for music, while showing the world he’s not a one-sided-entertainer. Not by a long shot.

“I’ve been writing songs for a while. I’m 22 now and I’ve been writing songs since I was 15,” the Ned’s Declassified star tells me.

“I’ve put a couple of singles out on ITunes before, but this EP came about last October of last year when I realized I had a bunch of new music. I said, you know what, I’m going to try my hand at producing it for the first time, and so, I asked a friend’s band to help me.” His friend’s band, The Smokey Knights includes Andy Fisher-Price (The Lying Game), known for his authentic self-made sound.

They’re [The Smokey Knights] three of my really good friends, I also got one of my engineer friends to come on board,” he says of composing the perfect team for his project.

“All of us started creating the sound for these five songs. We worked on it for about six months and got everything put together.” Working with friends proved to be not only beneficial but also rewarding for Werkheiser.  “It was the most learning and creative process I had making music, ever. It was the first time I was in charge behind the board, and making decisions for what the sound was going to be.”

Half a year later, he tells me that once the finished product was in his hands, he started thinking of what to do next. Releasing it would be the next step, and he’s doing it right. Devon Werkheiser will be playing at The Hotel Café in Hollywood. “It’s the coolest show I’ve ever been invited to play,” he says of the venue choice.

The EP itself will be released in June and Werkheiser teases “Good, brand new music produced by me.”

And if the fact that Werkheiser is trying his hand at producing doesn’t excite you enough, he assures us that there will be plenty of different sounds to expect from the five song EP.

“Alternative pop is maybe a way to describe the genre. Singer songwriter for sure is still part of my sound. But these songs also have some new instrumentation that I’ve never used before,” he says. “I have piano on a couple of songs, Organs on a couple of songs. I definitely have a full band going.”

He even teases specific tracks, one that seems to be a favorite of the musician. ”One of my songs is called Stand up. Which I think we might make the single. It’s got like a southern rock blues vibe to it,” he says.  “We got to do things that I don’t know if I would’ve been able to do if I had a producer that had an idea of what it was going to be.”


He continues, “One song’s totally southern Blues rocked out. A couple of the others, have a bit of jazz influence, and one song I sort of rap on. It’s got a lot of different sounds. ”

He also dishes on the EP’s title and what one can expect in terms of tone. “Once we started shooting these songs to become a whole EP. A message started to form,” he says.

“Questions I’ve been asking myself for the last couple years, like; who am I in this life? What am I doing there? What does it mean to be an artist? What does it mean to be a person?” he says to me, trying to bring me to understand the deep place the sounds came from. “I asked myself how do I navigate this life with honor and integrity and being a good person.  Those were the kind of questions I was asking myself. And so a lot of those songs are asking those questions, and some of them have my own answers…I’m here, I’m living here and I’m going to do my best whenever I can.”

Best of all, he says the EP is named I AM, because it’s a declaration of your own existence. If that doesn’t involve fans into his work, then what does?

Don’t miss Devon at The Hotel Café in Hollywood May 30th at 8PM.