‘Men At Work’ Star Michael Cassidy Talks Season 2 Spoilers “There’s A Sexual Overlap”


TBS’ hit comedy Men At Work ends its second season runs in just a couple more weeks. With only three episodes remaining in the buddy comedy, Michael Cassidy who plays playboy Tyler dished on what to expect leading up to the finale airing on June 6th titled Weekend at PJ’s.

“He [Tyler] gets a serious girlfriend for the first time. Which is like unheard of on our show.  Cassidy tells Bello. That’s right we’re finally seeing Tyler shed his wishy washy ways and perhaps learning how to settle down? Even if it’s for a little while.  But that’s not all. The next spoiler he gave kept a bit of mystery within it. Michael told me “Gibb’s character and my character have sort of a complicated sexual overlap,” he says while laughing.  Now before your minds wander to an incorrect place like mine did for .5 seconds, Cassidy clears it up a bit for us. “Basically I can’t get something that he told me out of my head, when I’m with my girlfriend. ”

The series created and produced by Breckin Meyer, co-stars That 70s Show star Danny Masterson, Adam Bush, and James Lesure. A group of buddies living in New York City, working at the same magazine together.

Cassidy also dished on his character’s transformation through the show’s run so far, and what he’d like to see happen in the future. “I think the fun stuff that we just touched the surface on is when my character is committed to another woman–and so I’d like to do a lot more of that. Because he doesn’t have a lot of experience with it.” Says Cassidy.

“Tyler’s this guy who really loves love, and wants to fall in love but never really does. And sometimes is trying and sometimes isn’t. So, I think it’d be pretty interesting if he’d have to get domestic or something like that, because it’d be really the first time in his life. And that’s always complicated.”


Although the 30-year-old actor plays Tyler with an all-knowing authenticity and charm, he assures us, him and Tyler may be different externally but at the root of it, they’re more similar than not.  “He lives in a sweet New York loft and meets lots of women. And goes to work and has a lot of time on his hands. And I’ve been married for a long time and have a kid, and I got to bed at 9:30. So we’re different in that way.” But Tyler’s commitment to his set of pals is not all that different than Cassidy’s bond with his co-stars.

“This is a gig where we all get a long really well. It makes the job really easy. We’re all playing best friends and we’re all buddies.”

Season three of Men at Work has yet to be announced, but Cassidy’s in good spirits regarding a pick-up.

“I think the chances are good; It’s a really good show. I want to do this job literally until one of us four guys dies. I love the gig. So I want to do 200 episodes of this show. I’ll do as many as they want us to do.”