Sam Witwer – Exclusive – BELLO watch

“I have a tremendous ego”

Sam Witwer, who plays troubled vamp, Aidan Waite, on SyFy’s ‘Being Human,’ has just uttered five words most actors in hollywood don’t have the balls to say. It’s an admission that speaks to his self-awareness and his consideration for the crazy-busy industry he works in.

Here are some exclusive outtakes from the interview that is features in issue #45 of BELLO mag where Sam graces entertainment section cover:


HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS ‘BEING HUMAN’ CASTMATES: “We’re just maniacs. I don’t think you’ll find a cast of people that likes each other better than we do…we all enjoy each other so damn much.”

HIS MUSICAL ASPIRATIONS: The Crashtones, a band he formed with Glenn Howerton (‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’), “doesn’t play often as we’d like… But I’m halfway through working on an album with several collaborations.”

WHAT HE’S THANKFUL FOR: “The effort put into season 3 [of ‘Being Human’]…The third season is the version of the show that I saw in my head when I read the first script.”

WORKING IN MONTREAL: “Nothing to concentrate on but work. Life kind of goes away for five and half months.”