5 Questions with another Fallen Gilbert. TVD’s Steven McQueen

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Steven McQueen is the latest lead character to meet his demise in The CW’s supernatural series, The Vampire Diaries. Fans nationwide are still mourning the loss of Elena’s beloved brother turned dead-people seer, a la sixth sense…turned vampire hunter…turned..well..dead. Forealz this time, y’all.

Check out what Steven had to say about Mystic Fall’s latest tragedy.

1. Did you see this coming or was it a shocker as well to you?
“They told me I was going to have a desire to kill the main character, my sister Elena, and so I figured that that would cause some trouble.”

2. Do you see Jeremy coming back? Someway, somehow?
“Umm, I hope so, maybe in a flashback or somethin’. But they burnt my body so..I think that’s pretty much getting rid of somebody. Light them on fire.It wasn’t until it aired that I was like aww man, this sucks. The cool thing is that everyone on twitter tweeted me and I actually got offered a job that day my death episode aired.”

3. So it hadn’t registered until you saw the episode?
When I read it [the script] I was like okay…they’re burning my body. Trying to think of some magical way that I can come back to life, but maybe I’ll be a zombie, like Frankenstein or somethin’.

4. Was there anything you would’ve liked to see Jeremy do? Or maybe anything you would’ve liked to take on as an actor with him?
The first couple of seasons Jeremy was kind of a wimp. With the last one they kind of had him fighting vampires and manning up a little bit. That was a lot of fun to play. I would’ve loved to see Jeremy in a motorcycle though. They gave Paul Wesley one!

5. Your character was written in the script to begin with. He wasn’t in the books. Was this always in the back of your mind, regarding your fate on the show?
“Did I always have that I’m a four-year-old girl named Margaret in the back of my head? There were some days! [laughs].”

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Watch a clip of what Steven describes as “A Darth Vader Death” below.

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