Kevin Alejandro Wants You To Be Apart of ‘The Keepers’


Kevin Alejandro is officially pulling all the tricks out of his bag, following the announcement of his kick-starter page for his latest venture– a satire web series titled ‘The Keepers’.

The 36 –year-old actor along with his The Keepers co-stars Stephen Taylor and Adam Conger are hoping to raise 30,000  for the comedic project that Alejandro describes as “Batman meets Super.”

“The idea was created by my friend Stephen Taylor, he’s also an actor. We’re actually from West Texas together, and we’ve been friends since we were 11 years old.” Alejandro told Bello Magazine.

Taylor, who will co-produce alongside Alejandro will also write and act in the production, and can currently be seen playing the role of Wayne on the Charlie Sheen hit series Anger Management.


Alejandro says that his idea of The Keepers being “A little bigger and a little cooler” brought them all to initiate a kick-starter campaign. He says, “We knew it could turn out really cool. If we actually had the money to shoot, imagine what it could look like.”

The pilot alone was shot for a whooping $1000 dollars, and although Taylor and his wife had been sitting on the idea of the series for several months, it’s been about two years in the making. Alejandro who stars on CBS’ cop-drama Golden Boy explains that the pilot for The Keepers was shot a week before he relocated to shoot the CBS series. Now on hiatus, he and the gang are making The Keepers a priority.

“We were hoping to shoot the first season by the end of May,” says the on-screen detective. 

“We’ve got an awesome DP who worked the camera for True Blood. We’re pulling a couple of guys from his crew to come and help us. So we have some quality people attached to this project, who’re willing to come in and show off their stuff.”

If that doesn’t do it for you, then the series’ highly comedic plot will. The Keepers, revolves around two men (Stephen Taylor, Adam Conger) from a government organized firm, who’s sole job is to protect the country from villains, be it super-villains or humans. Alejandro’s character, Kaden, comes to rescue when the two military trained cops are no matches for supernatural entities.


We thought it would be a cool thing for me to be playing that cool guy. He’s a superhero, a retired guy with amazing superhuman strength. So yeah, it’ll be really fun. Says Alejandro.

He adds, “It’s way cool that I got to name my character.  His name’s Kaden, which is my sons name and also sounds like a cool super-hero name.”

Do your part in helping make The Keepers go to series!  

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