Norman Reedus’s Kills on ‘The Walking Dead’

Walking dead star Norman Reedus killed last night. And we’re not talking about zombies, he treated us to a killer performance as Daryl Dixon on last night’s The Walking Dead titled “This Sorrowful Life.” The episode in which Merle kidnaps Michonne was clearly paved way for what is quite possibly the best moments of Daryl this season.

The AMC series is gearing up for its 3rd season finale next week on March 31st– so it’s no wonder that the TV gods gifted us with such a great episode just one week before we say farewell to our favorite survivors.

If Norman Reedus is left out of the upcoming Emmy nominations, it would truly be another hollywood snub. And Bello Magazine can attest to this.

Late last year, The Walking Dead star graced Bello Magazine’s Fashion Cover in our Obsession issue #39. And his photos were just as great as his performance on last night’s episode.

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