Tim Jo From ‘The Neighbors’ Talks Musicals & Working Alongside Clara Mamet


Tim Jo plays the adorable lovable looser in the ABC series The Neighbors. The series which has been “under the radar” per se, has made headlines with its unconventional theme– Aliens living in suburbia. Jo who was recently seen in tbs’ Glory Daze made his debut in BandSlam in 2009 playing alongside Vanessa Hudgens and Aly michalka. The Asian-American actor caught of with BELLOWatch and dished on what was coming up for his character Reggie Jackson, and Jo’s Personal musical talents aside from his portrayal of the alien teen. 


Jo who plays opposite Clara Mamet, daughter of the Pullizter Prize winning Playwright David Mamet weighed on on what it’s like to work with the famous writer’s daughter.

“Clara is just so so talented, it’s an honor to work with her. I just found out recently that she doesn’t watch any of her work. She doesn’t like to. And that’s so weird to me, because I’m such a fan. Jo told BelloWatch

“And so our scenes together have become much more meaningful to me. I appreciate them much more. Because I know that that’s it for her. She won’t see it again. That moment ends for her right after we finish the scene. So those moments are have become more special now.” 

The cast will be changing its tune for an episode in which they go all musi-cal. The on-screen martian, a musician himself had something to say about the anticipated episode of the serie’s freshman season.

“It was really exciting, because I’m a musician myself, but I was in another position this time around. I don’t usually sing, I play the guitar, and I’m usually standing on the other side directing what needs to be done. So I couldn’t really use those skills in this particular episode.”

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