Red Velvet


Design house Pinifarina veteran Sergio Pininfarina is officially the coolest being in town with a new ferrari designed in his honor. The ferrari called “The Sergio Concept” is modeled in the form a two-seater barchetta. 

Below check out some tidbits on what this extravagant car is all about.

1.Built on an existing production car, custom-made and specifically designed for ‘special’ clients.

2.Finished carbonfibre body makes the Sergio Concept as striking as the famed styling house’s best creations

3. Tiny half doors sit flush within the bodywork, and opens in a unique 45-degree arc

4. Traditional elements such as a windscreen.

5. The interior and mechanicals are all that of the Ferrari 458 Spider, bar minor detailing touches

6. It’ll do 0-100 km/h in less than 3.4 seconds and race beyond 320 km/h