Taylor Handley talks Life on ‘Vegas’


 Dixon Lamb the mischievous son of Ralph Lamb (Dennis Quaid) comes to life in the form of the talented and charming Taylor Handley. The 28-year old actor, a self proclaimed outdoors man has found his dream job in CBS’s Vegas. 

 “I get to visit this world everyday when I go to work. And I get to do things with Dixon that normal people wish they could do but they cant. And if they did, they’d get in a lot of trouble.” Handley told BelloWatch

He continued “It’s stuff that normal people don’t get to do in real life. And that’s what’s so great about playing Dixon. He can get in trouble, or do this, but he comes out unscathed in the end.”

Getting to play a young-spirited cowboy who helps solve murders once i a while is not the only perk of being Taylor Handley.  

“Working with Dennis everyday, it’s a learning experience. It’s a dream for me because I’ve always respected him.”

The series set in the early 1960s has turned heads with impeccable ability to bring fans back to the era.

Taylor gave his two cents on the looks of the series, saying;

“The set design, and the set decoration and the hard work, the money that they put into this is phenomenal. It really shows on screen. It brings you into that world, it certainly is not easy making 1960s Las Vegas in Santa Clarita.”

That’s for sure, because up until that point, I was sure CBS  figured out how to travel to the past. 

“This isn’t a movie [Vegas] , although I do like to say that every-week is like a little movie. We have to produce a mass amount of episodes. There’s going to be things here and there, but for the untrained eye, it really takes you back. I know that, because I’m an untrained eye, and  I go holy sh*t that looks like the 60s, that looks great.”

The drama, nearing it’s first season finale has kept strong when it comes to ratings–and Handley urges fans to stay tuned.


“I feel like at the beginning, the show had a more procedural element to it, in the first couple of episodes, and now  I think fans can expect a lot more story, a lot more character arc. Said Handley about the season’s development. 

“A lot of stuff going on and interaction between each-other. Because we have such great phenomenal actors. I feel like the audience wants to see them interact with each-other. And that’s exactly what the writers have done, and everybody’s on the same page. So, you’re just going to see more and more story evolve.”

Story-lines are the only thing evolving in Handley’s world. The Vegas actor is specially excited about his grab on the role of Dixon.

“I’ve found the character more and more, but right off the top, doing the pilot and the early episodes; everybody seemed to be feeling each other out. I believe everybody has really found their characters at this moment”.  He told  BelloWatch.

“Sometimes you just gotta read what’s on the page, and think about what’s going to be the most entertaining, and truthful you can make it. And that’s what I had to do. There wasn’t really much research. Although I got to meet the real Ralph Lamb and he told me a bit about his boys that I really wanted to make sure came through.”

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