“Golden Boy” Theo James – BELLO Exclusive

BELLO WatchTheo James

The Spring Fashion issue of BELLO mag has “Golden Boy” Theo James on it’s Entertainment cover. We have a very interesting interview inside the magazine, and some exclusive outtakes from he interview here on BELLO WATCH.

Enjoy and do not forget to watch Golden Boy tonight on CBS 10/9C.

ON GETTING RECOGNIZED FOR HIS ROLE ON ‘DOWNTON ABBEY’: “I got it in England. I got it from this little old granny who lived downstairs. When I first moved into my apartment she came through, and I opened the door and she was like ‘Ooh hello!’ and I was like, ‘Hi. I’m the tenant upstairs. I just moved in.’ And she was like, ‘I see, I see.’ And she double took and went, ‘Oh my gosh, Mr. Pamuk!’ I felt like snogging her. I thought that would be the romantic thing to do. So yes, it does happen. Not loads, but…”

ON LIVING AND WORKING IN NYC: “I loved it. It was very easy but intense…I’m kind of obsessed with it. I love the culture and the vibe and iconicity of it and the island of Manhattan being so small and filled with that kind of hyper-exuberance that you don’t get anywhere else.”

HIS FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF L.A.: He came when he was 18 and broke. While traveling on a bus…“There was this big, overweight woman in a gray sweatpant suit, and she kept staring at me, and she was like, ‘What? What?’ looking at this young and innocent 18-year-old. And then she just started pissing herself. I could see the piss just etching out of her gray jumpsuit. And the whole time saying, ‘What’s your problem?’ So that was my first impression. That was before I was an actor.”

L.A. DREAM SPOT? “Venice. I love the beach and walking around near the trendy shops.”

Interview by Hiko Mitsuzuka