9O21O’s Michael Steger talks Silver & Navid. Is she the one?

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90210’s Michael Steger has graced our screens for five seasons on The CW‘s hit remake of the Aaron Spelling produced Beverly Hills: 90210, as Navid Shirazi. A good guy with a load of family issues, and a love life so spirally that it tops any family crisis, and this guy’s had a lot of those. This may, America’s favorite zipcode is closing its doors, after a five-year run.

BelloWatch caught up with Steger and he weighed in on what fans could expect from the young-adult drama’s remanning episodes of the series.

Silver and Navid, one of the more long-lasting love-connections on the show hasn’t seen a good day in a while. We asked the 27-year old actor if a chance for them to come together was a possibility. Or if was simply no longer in the stars.

“There’s something that’s coming up in an episode, something big that will seal the day as to why that’s not going to happen.” Steger told BelloWatch. 

on Monday’s episode, we see Navid officially let go from the Cronus Society, an elite society at CU run by Campbell (Grant Gustin) a wealthy kid college-student with an undying smirk.  Navid, once on a straight track, just like the rest of the of the West Bev kids has strayed away from his initial hopes and dreams.

Steger’s character has dipped his feet in production, club promotion, his latest venture being a student at CU.

The show recently completed their 100th episode in December 2012, and its series finale has been announced to air May 13th.

“We’ve have an amazing fan-base, and the support we have internationally is just phenomenal, as well as domestic.” Said Steger on the show’s longevity up to this point.

I asked Steger what his hopes were for Navid in the long run, considering this is the show’s last season.


“I would love if Navid found something that he’s truly passionate about. Something he loves. I don’t think he’s found that yet. He’s been getting into a lot lately, but I’d like to see him find his passion.”

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And don’t miss the finale May 13th. 

Photography by Angelo Kritikos