A look at Great Gatsby Fashion For Men

Dressing boyfriends is dangerous territory – attempting to change them through the power of fashion is not usually successful and is somewhat morally dubious. However, pointing partners in the direction of an outfit that will make them even harder to resist is surely not a fashion faux-pas? I rarely condone wardrobe takeovers but I know the upcoming Great Gatsby movie is going to fill me with strong urges to ease every man I know out of their slouchy streetwear and into a suit.


For those who’ve missed news of Baz Luhrman’s next lavish masterpiece, a quick peek at the official site and, the excellently styled photos on there, is in order. What you’ll find, is a certain Mr Leonardo DiCaprio rocking a prim and proper roaring 20s look. And, I mean roaring. Mr Gatsby seems to do a lot of screaming throughout the course of the movie, while his outfits scream ‘look at me; I’m rich and well dressed’. His look is undoubtedly good, bad and divine – all at once.

It’s always nice to see a man in a well-tailored suit and crisp designer shirts that make a statement of their own. What tops the whole thing off is a timeless designer tie from men’s fashion Emperor, Alfred Dunhill. It’s even nicer to be able to enjoy all the cleverly selected trimmings – cufflinks, contrasting waistcoats and two-tone brogues that you wish came in your size. Event he knitwear I’ve seen in the stills so far look like the perfect pullover the men around me should be wearing. Lightweight, well-finished, perfectly fitted.

And then, there’s the hair. The legacy of Leonardo’s locks in this romantic drama will surely be men adding a few extra inches to those too-short for too-long styles. They’ll be using just enough gel to allow some tousled movement, not so much it makes the hair look like a plastic Ken doll. In short,they may be rotten to the core but their hair will be good and their clothes will be divine.

If you fancy helping the men in your life look a little sharper by taking Leo as their lead, here’s a shopping checklist to help you on your way:

1 x white suit with a contrasting waistcoat – This is a hard look for most men to pull off, but with careful styling can work at weddings.
1 x black tuxedo.
1 x good quality beige light crew neck sweater.
Well-pressed charcoal slacks (not chinos).
Printed , patterned, silk pocket squares (to match different coloured suits)
Two-tone leather brogues (coloured and classic black).
A range of tasteful ties in contrasting colours and socks to match.
1 x good quality hair gel (the non-greasy kind).
Roll on May!