They Hate Pimples First Zit Camouflage

They Hate Pimples

Each month, millions of guys hopelessly search the Internet for solutions to their pimple problems. When a pimple arrives, a guy has to suffer through several days before it fades away. And until now, there have been only two solutions for dealing with a pimple: pop it or drown it in acne medication.

Now, the 32 million guys that “zit-out” during their lifetime have a solution that delivers an immediate impact and covers up their pimple problems. Built for guys, by guys, They Hate Pimples is a hypoallergenic cream with a high-quality formulation that contains tea tree oil, an ingredient known to fight pimples.

Sold exclusively online in three varieties to match any guy’s skin tone – Pale Ale, Medium Lager and Amber Ale – They Hate Pimples can be put on any size zit (even the big ones) and hide it in a matter of seconds. For us coming from Europe we are familiar with a “pen” by Garnier, that has the similar effect,but it is not dedicated for guys skin.

Guys can buy They Hate Pimples in the privacy of their own home by visiting