James Franco collaborates with 7 For All Mankind…And It’s Good!


2013 Just Got A lot Better.

Two of the best things known to earth have come together. That’s right, James Franco and 7 For All ManKind. Franco, not stranger to experimental film has produced what 7 For All Mankind refers to as “an electric and interactive video project.” No surprised there, as everything Franco touches usually turns to gold. 

The video, revolving around a wedding involved all things blissful. Sunny california, bohemia at it’s best, and of course, nothing yells paradise like the color white. 

“This White Wedding leads takes us inside the world of a tight group of tight friends, living the life over the course of a day and night.”

The video is part of 7FAM SS13 campaign “A Beautiful Odyssey.” Fans are in luck, as they always are when it comes to anything Franco related. “A Beautiful Odyssey’s” although inspired by the poetry of Sir William Blake will rely heavily on the fan’s input. Fans around the nation will be able to decide not only the end of each episode, but also the beginning of the following-given a choice of three possible storyline options. 

All this leading up to a screening of the director’s (Franco) cut on April 25th, 2013 in none other than Los Angeles, CA. It’s like follow the yellow brick road, except in style. 


Don’t fret though, both the Franco’s cut as well as the audience’s will be streaming online the very same day of the screening. So participants all around can join in on the fun, and in some cases on what they’ve helped create! 

Want to join the fun? Follow 7FAM on Twitter (https://twitter.com/7FAM_EU) , and hashtag away with #&fam_eu or #BeautifulOdyssey