Carrie Diaries Fashion Hangover.

As if we didn’t already love The CW’s Sex And The City Prequal “The Carrie Diaries” it’s happened. What we never thought possible…we like it even more. Donna LaDonna? Check. Carrie’s hair? Check. Maggie & Walt’s dying relationship? Double Check!

This time it’s neither of the above, it’s CARLOS MEILE’s designs on the trendsetting show. Honestly, can Eric Daman do ANY wrong? Don’t think so. Not even going to go in that direction, cuz it’s simply not possible.

Three fashion models wear Miele’s dresses on the set of an Interview Magazine shoot on last night’s episode of Diaries, shot in fabulous New York City.

Check out the looks above. All hail Baby Carrie and her adventures!

Look 1: Zebra and palm print asymmetric silk dress (left)


Look 2: Chartreuse printed silk chiffon gown with asymmetric neckline


Look 3: Colorblocked silk one-shoulder gown


Photots Courtesy of The CW.