What to Expect In 2013 Kitchen Designs


It’s the New Year and trends are fast approaching the world of fashion. Incidentally, the same can be said with kitchen designs. Interior designers predict five trends to look forward to in 2013 kitchen designs. With that said, let’s take a look at what 2013 has in store for you and your kitchen.

Neutral Colours

2012 saw kitchens sporting dark colours. This year, however, will bring about changes. Kitchen experts see a rise in kitchens going with neutral colours like greens and greys. Pale wooden floorings are also expected to still be a popular choice among homemakers.

Glass backsplashes

Subdued colours maybe in, but it doesn’t stop glass backsplashes from making a splash! Expect high gloss backsplashes and cabinets to make their presence felt in 2013 kitchen designs. Mirrored backsplashes will work really well too, giving the illusion of bigger kitchen space.


Sustainable kitchen designs will include natural materials, Energy Star appliances, and LED lighting. An idea you might want to incorporate in your kitchen is the use of under-cabinet lighting. This will give a warm and cosy atmosphere in the kitchen. Meanwhile, natural materials like bamboo cabinetry or flooring can also do wonders for your kitchen. Energy Star appliances, on the other hand, can help reduce electricity bills since such appliances are energy efficient

Open Spaces

More open spaces in your kitchen not only makeit seem bigger, it also gives you more space to gather and bond with family and friends. Note, however, that you should try to keep surfaces as de-cluttered as much as possible. Also, elaborate China bowl sets are great to place on open cabinets for display.

Hidden Appliances

In order to take full advantage of open spaces, you can choose to hide your appliances. This you can do by incorporating your appliances into the kitchen design. An idea is the use of small refrigerators to be tucked under the kitchen counters.

Going with kitchen trends or not, the important thing is that you feel comfortable in your kitchen. You should also make sure that its fixtures are functional and aren’t there just for display. Of course, it is also very important to prioritise safety in the kitchen. Go online, read magazines, and call creative kitchen designers like The Good Guys Kitchens if you’re running out of ideas for your new kitchen. Eventually, you’ll come up with a kitchen design you can call your own.