‘The Carrie Diaries’ Pilot: TV REVIEW – Eternal Flashback

ImageHello, 1984. We like you. We like you a lot. Colorful graphics included. We like the kids that inhabit you too. At last the CW aired the pilot episode of quite possibly the network’s most anticipated series since. Well maybe ever?

Enter Carrie Bradshaw, baby version. Duh. Put your Kleenexes away though, she’s still just as fashionable. Thank you TONS Eric Daman.  And her Clan? A whole new one—Mags already my favorite.  Mouse, a cute and innocent being, like only the 80s know how to make. And Walt—you’re kidding, right? Were you made solely to have teen boys swooning over you? Day 1, and mission completed, beau.

But the prize comes in resident bad boy Sebastian Kydd. With a name like that, you mustn’t need to speak.  And 80s teen queen Donna LaDonna. Queen of the school, and honestly, queen of my heart. Who doesn’t love a condescending mean girl.

Oh and we can’t forget Carrie’s sister. Younger sister that is. Eye roll, pre-teens are so difficult, she’s giving our little baby fashionista such a hard time.

The show which takes place in wild and liberal New York City and Carrie’s all American home life in Connecticut starts off slow, but doesn’t disappoint. We are invited in Carrie’s life, on the morning of Carrie’s first day of school, after a very hard summer. Bradshaw’s mother has passed away, and now her father Is left to care for two girls.

After an ideal moment in front of  lover boy Sebastian, Carrie goes off to an internship in the city, and just like that, her life changes before our very eyes. That’s right! We get to see it happen. And we can thank wild thang Larissa, who plays somewhat of Carrie’s fairy good mother in great clothes, as we wish she was ours to have fun with!

But as we all know, it takes more than one night on the town painting it red to declare victory and happiness, and that’s where this show finds its heart. Grasshopper Bradshaw has a bit more of life-experience under her belt, but she’s still a teenage girl at the end of the day. Ya gotta beat high school, with high school.

This show is sure to bring a few different playlist to our itunes accounts. A few fun Halloween costumes, and be prepared for the countless tumblr gifs.  But the verdict is in. Fun, edgy fashion, inevitable future teen idols, and drama drama drama. We approve.

AnnaSophia Girl, the title’s yours. TV’s new Teen Queen. 2013.

The Carrie Diaries makes it clear that girls just want to have fun, and we’re ready to have fun with them. Bring it.

Catch The Carrie Diaries on The CW Mondays.