When Bello Mag asked me to write about what’s trending right now in the wide world of nails, I must admit I became overwhelmed simply due to the fact that there are so many to choose from. But knowing that I can only pick one for this segment of Well Manicured, I have to go with a personal fave at the moment: the Matte look.

The Matte craze began a couple of years ago when companies like OPI launched its quickly popular Matte line in old time fave shades like Lincoln Park After Dark, Russian Navy & You Don’t Know Jacques. It graced the runways and quickly began popping up all over. Well it’s still hot now and we’re seeing more and more of this completely devoid of shine look! Since then other leading nail companies as well have also released their own little matte-making helpers like SpaRitual, Zoya & MAC. One that I like to use is Essie’s Matte About You top coat. This one is brilliant! It instantly transforms any nail color from high gloss to matte in seconds. When in need of something a little different, a little edgier, here’s your answer and it’s super simple! You can use with any shade from light sheer to dark crème, over glitter and even create a cool french with a smooth matte finish. And for all you creative nail addicts out there, it works like a charm when wanting to create a two-tone look or using for a nail art creation. Matte is also great fun to use over a fresh gel manicure, like Gelish, seeing there is NO dry time to apply a quick new look with the Matte nail lacquer.















photo(1)Colored nails aren’t your thing? You’re in luck! For those who prefer the natural Well Manicured look, OPI makes their long-loved Nail Envy strengthener in a Matte as well! It’s great for a simple , clean and natural-looking matte finish with a little extra kick in the Rx department. All of these retail for about $10. Not too shabby.

The Matte look’s been done so many ways, a few in which I will share with you in pics, but I will guide you step by step with the current two-toned Matte look I happen to be wearing. I used Gelish gel polish along with an OPI Matte nail lacquer.

Get Well Manicured like this:

1.) Begin by applying your Gelish Foundation Gel, cure for 5 seconds in the 18G LED light.
2.) Remove the shiny surface of the Foundation with a dry gel brush.
3.) I then used 2 thin coats of the new Cocktail Party Drama by Gelish, cured in the 18G LED light for
30 seconds each coat. ( Be sure to cap the free edge with your polish always! )
4.) Apply a thin coat of Top It Off top coat gel polish by Gelish, cure 30 seconds .
5.) Remove sticky residue with alcohol to prep nail for Matte look. DO NOT APLLY CUTICLE OILS!!!
6.) Apply the OPI Lincoln Park After dark directly to the fresh Gelished nail bed in whatever swipe
you like. I did two swipes in a downward motion to create a heart shaped French tip. I used 2
coats of Matte.
7.) Note: it may look dry quicker than a regular nail lacquer but it still takes a good 10 minutes.
Don’t be fooled by already the dry look!
And voila!


Until next time…….

Enjoy creating,
Melanie McCulley