‘Glee’ Star Dean Geyer’s BELLO mag photo shoot – caught by paparazzi

Glee’ Star Dean Geyer Looks Super Hot At Photo Shoot, Makes Ladies Swoon (according to Socialite Life), who was the first entertainment blog yesterday to publish the photos from the set of BELLO mag’s next issue’s photo shoot. Yes it is true Dean Geyer will be our Music Section cover, coming out in November in our annual Beautiful Issue. And yes there is a behind he scenes video coming out soon, so keep checking back.

So by living in Hollywood we have been pretty accustomed to seeing paparazzi all the time, and in a way we have got used to it as the necessary evil, but we are trying really hard to keep the photo shoot location a secret so you guys are the fist to see the images once they are in magazine. Not sure what happened this time, but it shows that we have picked the right person for our Music Cover. Dean Geyer beside being very beautiful and talented, is also very fun and we really enjoyed doing this fashion story, half of the image were
done in the studio with him dancing around so lot of amazing photos to come.

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Thanks to BELLO mag amazing team for making this photo shoot happen:
Aleksandar Tomovic (photographer) – Editor in Chief
Leslie Alejandro – Executive Editor
Monty Jackson – Stylist
Mathias Alan – Beauty Editor
Warren Alfie Baker – Fashion editor