Ask an Expert: How do I apply false lashes myself?

A: Every now and then it’s good to glam up your look a little bit with a pair of false lashes, but applying them yourself can seem a bit daunting. With a bit of instruction and practice anyone can master the technique so here’s my best advice:


1. Tilt your head back when looking in a mirror so that you can see your own lashline while still keeping your eyes open–this makes it much easier than closing one eye at a time.


2. Before gluing your lashes on, you need to make sure the lash fits your eye. Place the lash on your eye (without glue!) starting at the inner corner where your eyelashes naturally start. Note: This is not the very innermost corner of the eye….lashes actually start about 1/8-1/4 of an inch in from your tearduct. Once the lash is placed, if there is any extra hanging off the outer edge of your eye, it will need to be trimmed off with scissors. Hopefully this goes without saying, but take the lash off your eye before trimming it the necessary amount!


3. Now that your lashes are trimmed, you should apply a thin stripe of glue to each band and wait about 20 seconds for it to get tacky. This is important as the lash will adhere much better if you wait than if you place it on straight away after applying glue!


4. Grab the lash in the middle and after tilting your head back (step 1),  match it up with the middle of you eye and place it as close to your natural lashline as possible.  Using tweezers or your finger, press the rest of the lash band on, making sure it gets firmly adhered in the inner and outer corners of the eye.


Voila!  You have lashes! If after your lash is applied part of the lash becomes unglued, you can use either a toothpick or a Q-tip with the cotton part cut off to transfer a little extra glue just where you need it…don’t squeeze glue from the tube directly on to your lashline. When removing your lashes, a little eye makeup remover left on for a few seconds should loosen the glue so that you can easily pull off the lash. Hopefully this helps and you can enjoy your new look!


Post by Melissa Murdick, a professional makeup artist based in Los Angeles. Visit her website at, or for daily beauty tips and more makeup know-how, follow Melissa on twitter @melissamthemua.