Endeavour flies over the Hollywood Hills (video)

Just before landing at LAX Endeavour flew over Hollywood Hills, giving us one last breathtaking view at this amazing piece of technology, marking its final landing after a three-decade career in space and bringing an end to NASA’s space shuttle program.

We had a feeling of an historic event taking place as many people were on roof tops like us, taking photos and recording, and all we could hear were “oooohhhhssss”, “aaaaahhhhsss” and “amazing, amazing, amazing”.

more info from LAtimes:

“After taking off from Edwards Air Force Base, Endeavour headed north, buzzing the state Capitol in Sacramento, circling the Bay Area and soaring over a Golden Gate Bridge packed with onlookers.

Then it turned south, crossing the Monterey Peninsula on its journey to Los Angeles where Endeavour on one last victory lap of the Southland, the cradle of the nation’s 40-year shuttle program.

The 105 Freeway near LAX was shut down for a time as motorists stopped, got out of their cars and watched the space shuttle fly by.

For an hour Friday, Endeavour was seemingly everywhere at once: Flying by the Griffith Park Observatory, the Hollywood sign, the Getty Center, Queen Mary and Disneyland. Parading down the coast from Santa Barbara to Huntington Beach. Cruising past NASA facilities and factories where it was designed, built and assembled.”