The Writing’s on Travis Wall BELLO mag Interview

Hardcore “So You Think You Can Dance” fans already know what a great dancer and choreographer Travis Wall is. But now, as this past summer has demonstrated, they’re learning more about him on Oxygen’s “All The Right Moves”, a reality show that follows Wall and his three friends as they navigate the rough waters of starting up a new dance company in L.A. Upon meeting him, we just had to find out how he’s handling this new whirlwind of success and what he’s really all about (once you get past the rhinestones and
bow ties)…

So just for the time of the tonight finale of “So You Think You Can Dance” we are republishing this interview here, that has originally been printed in BELLO mag #38 that you can find HERE.

What’s one question that everyone always asks you (so we don’t repeat it ourselves)?

“Tell us one thing that people don’t know about you.” (I have a camel tattoo on my toe, haha.)

What do you think is one misconception people have of dancers?

That we are always hungry but we actually eat a lot.

Who or what has been your main source of inspiration?

My mother has always been my main source of inspiration. She has worked her whole life and never took a break, and I learned from her mistakes. I need to sleep!

How was the transition going from the competition format to straight-up reality with cameras following your every move?

The transition this time is not just about my craft, it is about my personal life and about who I am as a person. Before I started shooting, I had to be very comfortable with myself and showing every ounce of it and not holding back.

How would you describe your sense of style?

Let’s just say it varies. When I first came out of the closet, you could definitely tell, I made a lot of my clothes and I put rhinestones on everything and I liked shiny things, (your eyes go to the light). Recently as I started to become more successful, my taste improved. Currently, I am trendy but comfortable but I like to dress up in a bow tie now and then.

When things get crazy (as things do in L.A.), what do you do to bring yourself back down to Earth?

I spend time with my boyfriend and focus on the more important things in life. I like to be normal and watch TV and do absolutely nothing.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“To enjoy the ride.” I’ve always asked for a crazy life and now that I have one, I sometimes get overwhelmed, when really I should enjoy every second of some of the highest times of my life.

photography Aleksandar Tomovic
styling Monty Jackson
art direction Jamie Breuer
hair and makeup Leslie Aljejandro

interview by Hiko Mitsuzuka