Changing Lives with Chris Powell

BELLO #38 is available on iTunes Newsstand for your iPad and iPhone, and we are happy to announce that our sports cover is the amazing Chris Powell. Check out the magazine for the full interview, …

“As a child, Chris Powell had his sights set on playing football.  He tried out for his school’s squad and quickly discovered his smaller body frame was no match for the bigger intimidating kids.  After this disheartened realization, Chris’ parents tried to encourage him by putting a weight bench in place of the living room couch.  He wasn’t initially attracted to the idea, but curiosity eventually got the best of him.  Years later, while working at a local television station as the resident fitness expert, Chris received a plea for help from a viewer by the name of David Smith.  What resulted was a TLC documentary entitled The 650 Pound Virgin in which David’s staggering 401-pound weight loss journey was chronicled.  The documentary went on to receive mass public attention and ultimately lay the framework for what would become Chris’ future…”

This editorial is featured in Bello Mag #38 Fall Fashion issue, available on Apple Newsstand for iPads and iPhones.