Colton Haynes is back in all new season of Teen Wolf

First two episode of Teen Wolf (second season) has just aired early this eek, and internet is all heated up about very talented and sexy Colton Haynes (BELLO mag cover boy in the issue #27 available on APP STORE Newsstand) . Here bellow we are republishing the interview from that October 2011 issue.

With his natural acting ability and striking good looks, Colton Haynes is on his way to becoming one of Hollywood’s leading young stars. Haynes stars as Jackson in MTV’s new series Teen Wolf; a darker reconstruct of the 1985 Michael J. Fox-starred film.

No stranger to the world of television werewolves, Colton starred as Brett Crezski, the town’s football star and – resident werewolf – on ABC’s 2010 series The Gates.

In his young acting career, Haynes has been able to garner several notable television roles. He recently appeared as one of the stars of Showtime’s controversial miniseries Look¸ in addition to guest starring roles on Privileged, Pushing Daisies and Melrose Place.

Born in Kansas, Haynes has two sisters and one brother. He currently resides in Los Angeles, where we had the opportunity to photograph this editorial and ask him a few questions.

What was your reaction when you got the role of Jackson in Teen Wolf? 
I was very happy to be a part of it when I found out but I was only hired as a guest star when I first booked the role. While I was filming I was asked to be a regular on the show but was unable to because I booked a regular role on “the Gates”. but once the gates got cancelled, I signed on to Teen Wolf right away and was lucky that the timing worked out perfectly!

Do you enjoy playing a darker character?
Playing the bad guy is always the most fun in my opinion. you get to play characters that allow you to not really give a damn and its fun to play someone who is mean because it’s a basic human emotion that I dont use everyday. Playing the bad guy always means you will have to play a large array of emotions cause mean people are really just emotional ones.

Did you model the character after anyone you knew?
I am a big Val Kilmer Fan so I thought I would make Jackson a little bit like him in Top Gun… Mean with a smile.

Did you have to practice Lacrosse for the role or were you a natural?
I can easily say that I am not a natural at lacrosse. I am so thankful for my stunt doubles because it is a very difficult sport to play if you havent been playing it for a while. I’m Athletic, but thats a whole different league.

You moved around a lot as a child. Was it difficult or do you feel it was a positive thing for you?
I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to move around alot. It allowed me to get to know different people and always kept me on my toes since I was always the new guy. I still have that mentality now… I never want to stay in one place for a very long time. I need change.

You’ve worked as a model for many years, what are your favorite shoots?
Id have to say that my favorite shoots were when I worked for Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie. They always brought you to the most exotic places and took very good care of you. The people on those shoots were always the nicest and most fun, I still have friends that I met on those shoots to this day.

If you weren’t an actor or model, what would you be doing?
I would be a meteorologist or a teacher. I have a huge fascination with weather and storms ever since I grew up in Kansas. I also love children, I’ve just always gotten along really well with them.

Before Teen Wolf, you worked on shows like Look and The Gates. What did you learn from those experiences?
On LOOK, I learned that you never know when you are being watched or being caught on film… so dont make bad decisions while in public. And on The Gates since we filmed in the bayou, I learned so many things that I still use today… like… always drink excessive amounts of water while in 110 weather, Carry Bug Spray in your car even if you are in Los Angeles, and last but not least, while at a casino… Stealing Old peoples slot machines isn’t well advised because they have been around longer than you and will always get you back in the end.

Who’s your dream actor/ actress to work with?
Robert Downey JR. and Brad Pitt. Both unrealistically transformable and have plenty of life experience that translates in to gold on screen.

What occupies your time outside of work?
I really like to do my fair share of sitting on the couch and listening to music but when i need to get out of the house, i love to hike, workout, eat at cafes, play tennis, bowl, and frequent local thrift stores… I got that from my mom who wishes she was on antiques road show everyday haha.

What are your favorite hangout spots in LA & Atlanta (where Teen Wolf shoots)?
In LA, I found this amazing, secluded spot where i like to sit and write, relax, and eat… It’s called “Colton’s House” (my cozy place)  and in Atlanta we would always go to brunch at The Flying Buscuit and Eat Dinner at 2 Urban licks (my favorite restaurant I’ve ever been to).

Any other projects you can share with us?
I’ve been guest starring here and there since I’ve been done with the first season of Teen Wolf but that is all I can tell you… Might be reading about a big announcement soon… you will have to wait and see.

What’s the number one thing fans don’t know about you?
I am actually a werewolf in real life… phew… glad I could get that off my chest finally.

I have to ask for our many readers out there – are you single? 
I am indeed… very single.