Flintoff makes his Fashion Debut at Jacamo

Freddie Flintoff has made his fashion debut this year with his Jacamo men’s clothing line. Simply named “Flintoff by Jacamo”, the line caters to the larger gentleman, proving that you needn’t be an Adonis to pull off this season’s fashion looks. Flintoff told the Guardian newspaper in January this year that his key piece of fashion advice is to “wear something you feel comfortable in” and his new range perfectly encapsulates this.

The color palette of the collection focuses mostly on blue shades, which are bang on trend for spring – Acne, D&G and Bottega Veneta all featured aqua, navy and azure on their spring/summer catwalks this year.

Flintoff’s range includes a classic three-piece suit, with a blazer and trousers so well tailored they would look great by themselves. There is also a variety of casual shirts to choose from in slimming stripe or check patterns, which are even available in different lengths. This is a real breakthrough for guys who have longer torsos, and shows that the line is really taking into consideration different body types.

The real star of Flintoff’s collection though has to be the jeans and cargo pants. Flintoff has produced the perfect pair of deep indigo jeans, available in a variety of lengths, that look just as good for a night out as they do for day time wear. The cargo pants are a great addition to your spring wardrobe, as they are lighter and more breathable than jeans, making them more comfortable on warmer days.

The pieces in this collection look great worn together, but if you don’t fancy buying a full outfit, the garments are also versatile enough to be worn with existing items in your wardrobe. The checked shirts will look great with any jeans you already have, and the suit trousers are a great new piece for your work-wear wardrobe.

Stylish plus size men’s clothing can be really hard to find, and we think it is fantastic that a sportsman such as Flintoff has managed to produce a line that is really accessible for guys of any size and body shape. Head to the site to see the collection in all its glory.