BELLO Fashion Rules (shirt)

Well it has been some time since we made a list of fashion rules to follow and those bellow concern shirts (and as most of those fashion rules those also originate form British Gentlemen’s clubs). First you need to get the shirt that fits you perfectly and where ever you are we are sure that there are online resources that can help like mens clothes UK (great choice and lot of helpful info).

1. Never wear your sleeves too short or too long. 1/4” to 1/2” of cuff should show beyond your jacket sleeve.

2. If you unbutton your collar, remove your tie.

3. Shirts with button-down collars are not dress shirts. They’re sports shirts, so wear them with a sports coat.

4. You can unbutton the top button always (provided you’re not wearing a tie), the second button usually, the third button only on disco night at Queen in Paris.