Lucian Matis S/S 2012

Written By: Steven Carver //

It was a wet night, with an intense downpour that felt like it would wipe away most of the city. Thankfully, the water wasn’t a deterrent for fervent fashion followers from trekking to 99 Sudbury to watch the spring/summer Lucian Matis show.

Being a showman, Matis designed his latest collection for those who like to be photographed. Click, click. To start, a series of nude, studded body suits acted as an edgier foil for many of the soft pieces on offer. There was lattice work, rosette appliques, and handkerchief detailing. Surprisingly, even with all the handiwork, it felt like one of the most subdued collections Matis has produced.

Visions of teal, pumpkin, fuchsia, grape, squash (a tone between yellow and brown) chiffon flowed down the runway, and amongst the sheer pieces were a lovely trench coat, and whimsical touches as seen in tulle puffball dresses. There were longer options, but mostly it was all about the leg. Although they looked super mini on Amazonian models, they’d probably graze the upper knee on mostly everyone else.

There was a feeling that some looks were derivative of other designers and several techniques were seen before (the mille-feuille dresses from the last Dior couture show, the floral-like creations from Marchesa), but that was beside the point.

While there may be some snarky comments on the wearability of some pieces, these people should understand this is a fashion show. Presentations such as these were made for guests to be inspired for the season to come – spring was in the air.

(Photos courtesy Jenna Marie Wakani via