Winter Essentials

A winter wardrobe is as much about function and practicality as it is about fashion. Jacamo think these five items are essential without which no winter wardrobe is complete.

1) A Warm Overcoat
On cold winter days you will need an overcoat for much of the time that you spend outside. With almost all modern buildings using heating to beat the winter chill, a thick coat is absolutely necessary if you want to be comfortable both indoors and outdoors. A stylish overcoat allows you to be warm on the street while wearing clothes that won’t leave you sweltering in a heated office.

2) A Stylish Blazer
Not all winter days are below freezing, and you will need a piece of clothing to bridge the gap on those days when it is too warm for an overcoat and yet still to cold to be without an extra outside layer. A blazer is the perfect such option. Tweeds are a great choice for fabric, as are charcoal greys and muted earth tones. Blazers have made a real resurgence in recent years, and modern cuts and styles will leave you in no danger of looking like you raided your grandfather’s closet.

3) A Knit Sweater
There is something particularly warming about a knit sweater, both practically and aesthetically. Today’s styles are anything but bulky, with various options out there to flatter different body types. Sweaters can be found in plain and patterned knits in all the colours of the rainbow.

4) A Selection of Scarves
In addition to the benefits that a scarf brings in keeping you warm, the right choice of scarf can be the finishing touch that is necessary to bring your whole outfit together. A wide selection of scarves will allow you to choose the most suitable accompaniment to your outfit as a whole.

5) A Pair of Leather Gloves
There is nothing worse than when the cold biting wind of winter requires you to keep your hands deep in your pockets. You will most likely be unable to keep them properly warm, and trying to fasten buttons or go through your wallet with numb fingers is never enjoyable. Leather gloves are stylish, practical and hard-wearing, and a single pair of good leather gloves can last for years.