How To Take Care Of Your Jeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be quite a fashion mission. Sourcing a style and size that suits your shape often takes a considerable amount of time and effort and for many women finding their dream pair of jeans – the ones that fit and flatter in all the right places – is somewhat of a fashion Holy Grail. However, whether your favourite pair are Henri Lloyd jeans in classic & narrow fit, or a trusty pair of dark denim bootcuts; once they are safely in your wardrobe you will want to make sure they last you for years to come in order to avoid restarting the denim treasure hunt once more.
Caring for denim properly can extend its lifetime by a significant margin. Unfortunately, it’s rarely a case of slipping your jeans into the washing machine. Distressed looking jeans, which come with ready-made rips and holes continue to be popular and washing these can wear-out the already worn denim long before the jean’s expected shelf-live expires. The simple rule is; the more you wash your jeans, the more they will weather. It follows therefore that you should wear your jeans as long as possible between washings, as this will encourage a good fit and reduce fading. Over-washing your jeans will not only encourage colour loss, but also make it difficult for the style to retain the comfy fit you chose them for.

While never washing your jeans could result in them carrying an unpleasant whiff, a good rule of thumb is to wait and wash them after at least five wears – assuming of course you haven’t spilt anything particularly nasty on them over the course of these wears. One possible exception to this rule is the particularly skinny varieties of women’s jeans that have become popular in recent years. These jeans tend to be made of fabric mixes that can lose their form when worn. In order to keep them tight these should be watched more regularly and at least once each week.

When it comes to popping your denim in the washing machine make sure you turn them inside out to reduce wear and tear and never run them through the tumble dryer as this can impact their fit.